“Who We Are Al Khatib Company for Manufacturing Aluminum and Woodworking Machines Limited was established in 1978. The company is responsible for executing product sales, technical support, troubleshooting, and spare parts sales to meet customer needs.
Al Khatib Company is distinguished in developing and establishing the Syrian market and is one of the most important institutions in the field of manufacturing aluminum cutting and milling machines and wooden panels.
Our mission is to lead the Syrian market and expand our products to foreign markets and maintain them by:
Focusing on the customer as the main driving force for the company’s work and success.
Providing customers with the company’s core products and working on improving them through direct communication and customer complaint service.
We commit to and pledge the following:
Continuously maintaining the company’s position by implementing a quality management system in line with the requirements of the ISO 9001-2015 quality assurance system specification that suits the company’s business activities and meets customer desires, and continuously improving the effectiveness of this system.
Commitment to the industry-specific standard and keeping up with all developments in the field.
Continuous evaluation of our products to achieve excellence among our competitors.
Training and assisting employees to enhance their performance.
Identifying and evaluating risks that may lead to failure to meet customer requirements and affect the company’s operations, and developing programs to address and minimize them.
Identifying and evaluating opportunities that lead to the company’s development and meeting customer desires, and developing programs to implement them.
Ensuring that quality is important in all stages of work, from product design to all related activities and services.”

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